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About Us

About Us provides users with a free online tool for storing, managing, and sharing documents. Also, it was developed to serve as a public document depository that anyone can come and find useful and interesting documents and photos of our members have published.

Once you sign up, you can take advantage of many features this application offers for our members, such as private document sharing, version control, virtual folder explorer, groups, messaging, and online Flash Viewer.  We developed this platform to be easy and convenient for our users to interactively create and share documents.

This application provides a fast conversion to PDF and Flash Viewer so that you can view the contents directly on the browser insteading of downloading first. is owned and operated by Intermetric, Inc., a start-up technology company based in Maryland, USA. The entire website has been developed and coded in-house by Intermetric.

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Release 1.0 May 28, 2012 
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