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About Us

Site Features
Here are some of the main features of this website.
Conversion to PDF and Content Viewer
When you upload a file, it will automatically make a copy and c onvert it to the Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf) and also creates a Flash Document. You can view the content of you document using the Flash Viewer without ever downloading the original document or PDF file.
Virtual Folder Management
You can create, rename, delete your private folders dynamically using the hierarchical tree structure and view list of documents on each folder,  without ever refreshing your webpage. 

Document Sharing and Publishing
You can share your document privately with other members, with a group, or release to public.
Content and Version Control
You can activate a "check in/check out" process by giving a write access to one or more users.

You can create multiple versions of the same document and have other users to update the contents.
You can create your own group and manage it. You can post your document and share it with other group members.

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